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Tone Excel Sim Card

Let me introduce you to our product, the Tone Excel's Sim Card. You can see how it looks like in the picture below. The Tone Excel Sim card is priced at RM80 a piece, and it comes prepacked with a RM30 top up  voucher.

Tone Excel Sim card

You easily can purchase the Sim Card from Tone Excel HQ, or your Service Center or even from the person who referred this program to you. You can click here to get the sim card purchase details.

Tone Excel Call Rates

The rates are very competitive too. Your calls to any telco, at anytime of the day is fixed at 32 cents per minute, and each SMS you send is fixed at 15 cents per sms. You can also surf the internet at only 10 cents per MB. 

Tone Excel Rates

Where to get Top Ups for the WOW! Referral Program?

It is also very easy to get the top ups. You can get Tunetalk top ups from all the major petrol stations, hypermarkets, ATM machines, 7-11's and more. You can even buy the top ups with your credit card by logging into your Tunetalk Selfcare account. So as you can see from the picture below, getting the top up vouchers will be so easy for you, and for your downlines.




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